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Sometimes its okay…

I write this post right now. Sitting in a McDonalds, eating a Oreo McFlurry….

Mmmm… it was worth it.

New Year pick up — after the fall

Of course the holidays tossed me off my path. I stopped exercising and stopped counting caloiries. I didn’t eat anything and everything but I know I ate poorly.
Being home for Christmas didn’t help much either because I never feel more comfotable then I do around my family.
I never ate a lot but I was super lazy.

I haven’t weighed myself since before the holidays. I’m scared to. I won’t lie. I don’t want to see that I may have gained all my weight back.

I have started eating right again and I will be starting some light exercise as of today.

Happy new year!

Weight lose is more then just your body

I will say it straight to myself and to anyone who asks. I’ve lost weight but I am still over weight.

However let me say I see the difference, I know the difference in myself.

I feel really bad for the people who lose tons of weight. Like over 50lbs and they say they still feel fat. I’ve lost 20lbs and I’m still over 200lbs. I know I’m still fat, but I don’t feel fat. I’m starting to build confidence in  my own body. Dare I say I even feel I look sexy from time to time. Which I have never felt before even at my lowest weight.

Weight lose is more then your body and how it looks. It’s also how is feels and is used and how your mind thinks of your body.

If you don’t accept your weight lose as a positive thing right off the get go. No matter how much weight you lose you will still feel fat and tired. You will possibly be hard on yourself for trying so hard and not see result when really, you lost 80lbs.! That’s amazing! That is more then most people can do.

I’m trying to be as positive as possible because I don’t want my negativity pulling me back to the way I was before. There may be a month I don’t lose weight, or even gain a few pounds back. There may be a month I get sick and can’t workout. There may be a wedding or party and I’m going to far over my calories.

Does that all mean I should just give up because there is no point in trying. No. That would be stupid. Many of the amazing things that happen didn’t happen the first time around, or the second, or third…

This weight loss of mine. I have been trying for a long, long time and this has been the most successful I’ve been so far. Which means I will keep trying because sooner or later I will get there.

I’m not going to be naive about this. It could take me a year to two years to lose all this weight the right way. I’m okay with that, because in a year I would rather weigh 190 pounds then 230 pounds. Some is better then none.

Have a beautiful day. Alice.

In a few weeks I will be doing an over all review of weight loss/fitness websites/apps I have used and state the  pros and cons of each. I feel it will be a very long post. lol

Weigh-in October 2012

This go around I’ve had a very small drop. However a drop is a drop. I do feel my strength and endurance increasing. At this point that is the most important thing to me.

Weigh-in: 210lbs.

So I’ve only dropped two pounds. Not my goal but I’ll take it.

I’ve also stopped using 5lbs. weights. Only using 10lbs. and 20lbs. depending on the excise in question. As well as doing dead-lifts from time to time.

Weight lifting has been my saving grace so far with my weight loss. I recommend it to everyone. Sadly people tend to look at me like I’m a lil’ nuts. What can you do? Can’t convince them all.

Exercising Equipment: Elliptical Trainer

So for my birthday this month I received an elliptical trainer.

I has some misconceptions right off the bat let me tell you. I have been walking to and from work a lot lately. All together that is 7km a day just for my work travel. When I got the elliptical I thought I would easily be able to do like 10-20 minutes working out. I was wrong. I start to break a sweat a minute in and have to stop once in a while after that to keep pace. It’s only for 2-3 seconds but even 1 second is too long for my liking.

I also have Psoriatic arthritis in my knees and even though this is a low impact exercise. It is making my knee act up. It’s not so painful I can’t walk but it is sore.

This has not stopped me from not using it. I’m sure I look mighty lame to my boyfriend. Go on a few minutes, get off a minute. Repeat.

My weight has not been moving too much the past few weeks, but I am seeing a difference in my body and I’m happy with that.

Weigh-in September 2012

It has been a busy month. So busy I haven’t been able to update either of my blogs. SIGH!

Frustrating to say that least. I really thought I was not going to have any weight change this month. I thought I was going to gain weight to be honest.

I haven’t even weighed myself for the past two weeks. However I was surprised when I stepped up this morning.


New current weight: 212lbs.
So I had made it to my goal for the month of September which was 215lbs.

Actually my birthday is in two days and my boyfriend got me a exercise machine for my day. So I can’t wait to get that and start doing it up more often.

I’m actually in a pretty good mood today so I hope this carries over all day.

Have a beautiful day. Alice.

For those who hate exercise… There is more.

There is more then long time consuming cardio. I hate going for long walks and aerobic videos. So I started doing something I didn’t think I’d get into that much. Lifting weights. I love it! Turn on your favorite music … Continue reading